NAPALM  is currently a 4 member HipHop collective that stems from Hamden, CT.

With 4 great spitters and 2 great producers they find themselves self-producing most of their material.

With influences from 90′s hiphop and a great grasp on new age hiphop & rap music, as well as a love for other types of rock and jazz/blues, they found a way to blend their influences in a way that is fresh and unique; seemingly un-imatatable.

With members DHZA; an abnormal spitter with visions of bringing substance & entertainment, clouded by a fog of weed smoke, Rellevance; a GREAT producer (seemingly far beyond his years), fitted w/A tongue as sharp as a double edged sword & flows smoother than water itself. Then there’s Guererro; another multi talented producer, as well as musician and rapper, his messages and lyricism are STRONG and abstract the same time. Finally we have Cognition, the newest NAPALM member, but a long time friend, he’s been with us through all of our artistic ventures. This is the artist with so much emotion in his words you can FEEL it through the headphones, everything he does is A1 ENTERTAINMENT.


1. First of all, can you tell the readers who NAPALM is, and how you came up with the acronym?

Cognition – I wasn’t personally there for the creation but I feel were more of a movement.

DHZA – I feel the same way or at least I believe we’ll become a movement. Our name stands for NEW AGE PEACE AND LOVE/LIFE MOVEMENT. Nice lil play on words.

2. How long has NAPALM been making music together and when did you start releasing your songs?

Cognition – I’ve been working individually with these dudes for over a year. But as apart of NAPALM I’d say about 4 Months.

DHZA – NAPALM was originally myself, Guererro and Rellevance. We made NAPALM about 6 months ago, after the end of another group we were apart of. Few months later we asked Cognition to be a part of NAPALM, but we always knew we wanted him in.

3. What is your writing and recording process like, do you listen through beats and freestyle or do you sit down and write? Or is each member different?

Cognition – Some beats will just literally click and I’ll have a 16 off dome, other times I’ll  think a verse out and really try to put it together.

DHZA – I really like writing. I hear a beat and get tongs of ideas and writing really gives me the chance to experiment over instrumentals. Shoutout to another member, Rellevance, he really got me to see music differently. I like to freestyle when I wanna feel like Wayne.

4. Tell us about your newest project “#TheMANAfestation″?

 DHZA – TheMANAfestatin is supposed to mean exactly what the name says. In time it will be understood,  maybe a year or two. On the basic level, its a dope SELF PRODUCED, self promoted, self written, project. Everything is real and its a compilation of all of our styles.

Cognition – The MANAfestation is indescribably dope, but it’s a congressional of 4 conscious artists.

5.  Do you think working with a collective is more beneficial than working solo in the music industry?

DHZA – In my opinion yes, there’s someone for everyone when there’s a collective. But that’s my opinion, I feel as though my brothers help me, if u mess with people who will drag you down and don’t make u better, your wasting your time.

Cognition – I definitely have benefitted from working with these dudes.

6. What does NAPALM have planned for 2014-2015?

DHZA – Definitely expansion , affiliate wise and member wise, not just musicians though. Prolly some more locals.  But also branching out and more production & verses from  different people.

Cognition – Expect a rash of enlightening audiobooks in 2015.


7. Anything else you want people to know about yourselves

Cognition – You gotta listen if you wana learn. Listen.

DHZA – Were different from the rest. Were real. But you should see that.


Follow DHZA & Cognition:

@_DHZA_ & @Low_Sensitivity


Checkout their NEW mixtape :

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