Seattle rapper Kid Jone$ is already making noise even though he just graduated high school. After successfully dropping LNV1 last year Kid Jone$ has consistently been making moves, and is building a name in the northwest scene. Daily Flava wanted to highlight his work ethic and talent.

1. First of all, can you tell the readers who Kid Jone$ is?

KiD Jone$ is a young man who is all about doing whatever he can to make sure his Mom is alright and that his family will never have to struggle again..

2. When did your rap career begin, and how long did it take you start recording and releasing your songs?

I started writing lyrics when I was about 12 back when I was listening to “choosin season 1″ by Royce the Choice. I always wrote poetry so I began putting a beat behind it and realized how far I could go. My first recorded song was a freestyle to “Imma Boss” by Meek Mill and my cuddy DezzyBooTrilla mixed and mastered that song and a lot of people liked and and a lot of people hated it. I love both.

3. What is your writing and recording process like? Do you just go in the booth and spit what comes to mind, or do you sit down with the beats and write?

The way I record is crazy in a way. I open my email to beats sent to me from my producer A$tro and I just listen to it 1 full time thru…then after I listen another full time thru and at the same time write my verses and a hook. By the 3rd time I play the beat thru I rap my lyrics over the beat to make sure it’s on point then I record. It usually takes me 15-20min to record a song. But I have always been into freestyle sessions so I sometimes just take a beat off the Internet and murk it.

4. Tell us about your newest project “Late Nights Vol. 2″

I spent 8months working on Late Nights Vol.2 and it was my best work so far. I chose features that I knew would have a strong impact on the certain songs and beats. The production was excellent. The cooperation was on point and people were genuinely exited for me to release it. After 1 full week I already have more than double the amount of downloads on Late Nights Vol.2 than I had on Late Nights Vol.1. God is Good , God is great and I pray to The Lord everyday that at the end of it all I will have food on my plate…

5.  As someone finishing up high school, do you feel collaborating with older artists has helped influence and prepare you for the music industry?

 I feel that even though I’m just now graduating high school, the life I have lived so far has made me grow up quicker and realize things that most kids my age have yet to realize…I have an old soul so I tend to see things for what they really are. Collaborating with older artists has made it so others can see that I’m not just another youngn in this rap game but I’m Next up…


Twitter: @Polo_Dipped206

Download Late Nights Vol. 2

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