About Us

Forged in the depths of Bethany Beach, Delaware, Daily Flava was founded in 2012 by 5XT, who broadcasted sporadic video logs from New York City and Los Angeles. Despite the name of the website, the updates were far from daily, and after careful consideration, Daily Flava shut its doors in 2013.

In 2014, Daily Flava returned to provide its loyal listeners with the best music that the web has to offer. Daily Flava is not limited to one genre, one style, or one person, but influenced by a team of taste makers and music addicts –the kind who use the toilet with their headphones on. We live for music, and we want our family, friends, and followers to be able to enjoy the same tunes we enjoy. Join us on a journey through space and sound as we travel into the future of music.

Our weekly newsletter, Weekly Flava, is a wrap-up of the week’s best videos and MP3s. The newsletter –besides updating our readers about what’s gucci– contains a link to a .zip file with the best MP3s of the week. We know that our fans can’t be on Daily Flava every second, and we want to ensure that our loyal readers stay on point with our weekly email.


The Team

5XT (Nathaniel Heller) is a 20 year old studying film and the music industry at the University of Southern California. Hailing from New York City, 5XT has been listening to rap music since his mom broke his Sir-Mix-Alot CD when he was 8 years old. A man of many places, 5XT attended boarding school in Massachusetts, lived in Chicago for several years, worked at a summer camp in Maryland, and now goes to school in Los Angeles. In 2012, 5XT founded Daily Flava to provide his friends and loved ones with the good music they deserve.  5XT has one goal: to be a 21st century renaissance man. He DJs, he writes, he freestyles, and he plots –constantly. Follow him on Twitter.

Hollajmarks (DJ Marko) is a 21 year old producer currently studying at USC and living in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Seattle, Marko attended Garfield High School an exceptionally diverse and artistic school in the heart of the city. There Marko was exposed to many different artists, lifestyles and beliefs which lead him to his own unique style, personality and open-mindedness. His work displays this as he has worked with artists from a variety of backgrounds and in a variety of settings. He has worked in professional settings (as an intern for hip-hop artist Macklemore and with composer Peter Fox) and artistic settings (collaborations with artists from all over North America such as: D Menace, King Doobie & Shai Mate). Follow him on Twitter.