The homie Haris Q of the LNS Crew produced this track, and sent a few words to go along with it:

“So me and my homie  from Los Angeles, Ike (aka 2020) is the first guy on the song with everybody, and has a solo version of the song too. We have a mixtape and an album coming out, with him contributing the vocals/rhymes for it as I am the producer/beatmaker who came up with most if not all the beats/music for the songs. Although Ike is a high school principal in LA now for a charter school, we met in Austin as fellow/ex- UT students (he had just graduated and was a Mexican-American who came to Austin for college from South Texas, me as a Dallas-raised Pakistani-American who moved to Austin in first grade). We’ve spent a long time crafting the LP and plan to release it late this summer. The theme is informed and intelligent, but still catchy and musically sensible rhymes over chill, hi-quality boom bap production.

The first single, “Sincerely,” features vocals from Austin-based singer-songwriter Max Frost of Atlantic Records. Last year, Max released his debut EP, “Low Hi Low,” making huge waves with his hit single “White Lies” which was prominently featured in a Dre Beats commercial and even went on tour with Grammy Award winning guitarist Gary Clark Jr. I’ve known Max for a number of years and so it was a pleasure for me to work with him on this record. We also released a remix of this track on iTunes with verses from Ced Hughes (a Virginia native who has received a lot of press for his music), Austinite Deezie Brown (of the LNS Crew), and San Antonio emcee/producer Ocky Nohara (I produced “3 Monkeys” for him on his new album). Our mixtape and album will also feature more Southern hip-hop talent such as King Mez of North Carolina, Houston’s Uzoy, Tunk from Dallas, San Antonio emcee/producer Worldwide, Kydd & Tank of the LNS Crew and more. I’ll be heading to NXNE with Kydd Jones and fellow LNS Crew member Cory Kendrix this June to promote the record as well, since both of them will be performing at the festival. Should be fun times…”

Song: Sincerely (f. Max Frost)

Artist: Ike (a.k.a. 2020)

Social Media:  Ike on Twitter, Max Frost on Twitter, and Haris Q on Twitter


Download: Purchase on Amazon

Notes:  I love having talented friends :)


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